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  • RBS is the innovative positive displacement rotary blower with 3 special profile lobes that, combined with a new configuration of the LOW-PULSE system, reduces the residual pressure pulsation of the conveyed gas below 2% of the operating pressure. Capacity up to 25.000 m³/h

    ROBOX Evolution is an integrated compression unit designed to convey gas at low pressure, based on the RBS lobe positive displacement rotary lobe blower, operated by an electric motor through a special belt drive, including all accessories and noise enclosure.

    The complete range of Robuschi blower units includes RBS blower sizes from 15 to 165, all with the innovative characteristics of the ROBOX Evolution compression unit.

    These characteristics reduce: system costs thanks to the optimisation of space; running costs thanks to the low energy consumption and to the exclusion of all standstill risks ensured by the innovative electronic control system SENTINEL; maintenance costs thanks to the easy access to all parts for normal service operations.

  • The RKCS Process Pumps For Slurry are single stage horizontal centrifugal pumps with axial inlet, designed to pump all types of chemical inert or aggressive liquids, also viscous liquids, and those containing high percentage of solid particles in suspension, and slurry.

    The PROCHEM pumps are single-stage horizontal centrifugal pumps with axial inlet, designed according to ISO 2858 and DIN 24256 standards. The PROCHEM pumps, thanks to the two differently shaped impellers are designed to pump clear or slightly cloudy liquid (RNS series) or solutions with suspended crystals, muddy and/or viscous liquids with suspended particle or fibrous materials (RKNS series), either chemically inert or aggressive, for use in the chemical and petrochemical industries, in mines and steelworks, in shipyards, in the pulp and paper industry, in the pharmaceutical industry, in textile and food processing industries, in power stations and in desalination plants.

    RKC Toque Flow Pumps In this type of pumps the pumping effect is obtained by exploiting the action of the vortex induced into the liquid by a special impeller. Thanks to the shape of the impeller and to its recessed position in the casing, the pumped liquid does not have to flow through any vane passages. It is therefore possible to pump viscous and/or pasty liquids containing foreign bodies of remarkable size and stringy matters without danger of clogging the pump. Moreover the action of the induced vortex enables the conveyance of media containing high percentage of air and/or entrained gas without showing those problems of the conventional centrifugal pump. The type of construction derives from the RN pumps line with consequent advantages of an easy maintenance and easy impeller replacement to possibly suit the pump to the varied conditions of services.

  • The RVS pumps are suitable to compress gas and vapours in the process of sterilisation, concentration, drying, impregnation, plastic extrusion, degassing
    and extraction of non-condensable gas from condensers in the chemical, pharmaceutical, food, pulp and paper, sugar, textile, in power plant industry and in hospitals.

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